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We all have that Divine Spark within us, we are all psychic, and tuning into our natural intuiton and connecting with the Spirit World is natural, it is an aspect of everyone's soul. 


Mediumship should be a wonderful emotional experience that will ultimately change your outlook on life. Be prepared to work on yourself; 'spiritualise' yourself,  if you want to be of service to the spirit world; because this will strengthen and refine your budding gift. I think the essence of our Spirit runs the direction of our mediumship. Get to know your Divinity, not as a concept but as an experience!

It is important to address both the emotional and psychological aspects of mediumship, because they are just as important as the 'mechanics'.


I think to be the 'best' we can be, we need to start with the basics and work our way up, learn about energies, auras, do some psychic exercises; our psychic abilites are crucial to our unfoldment. Learn to meditate and attune to Spirit. Always be open to new ways of working, push yourself out of your comfort zone! Think outside the box!!


There are many things you can do to aid your progress, attend circle, go to workshops, go on courses and read as many books as you can. One of the best ways to aid your progress is to sit each day and attune; sit in the power with Spirit.


No one can turn you into a medium overnight, it takes years of patience and practise, the late Gordon Higginson said 'no time spent in the presence of Spirit is ever a waste'. This is very true, each time we try to connect, try to give a message, work in circle or sit in the power, it builds our understanding and connection with the world unseen. 


Communication is more than just messages, it is valadation that once our physcial body has passed, our Spirit lives on. As mediums we need to talk to Spirit ask What can I do for you? Let them now we have fatih in them each time we step forward to give a message and to allow the quality of our soul to shine during a demonstration so that everyone is touched by the presence and essence of Spirit.


You are a beautiful soul full of infinite wisdom and potential, stop judging yourself, believe and trust – transform into the radiant being that is your true essence – shine your light and allow the blessings of Spirit to enter your heart and soul




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