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SPIRIT BRIDGE                                          Mediumship, Meditation & Holistic Therapy

Body, mind and spirit are not separate parts, instead they are like lenses, or ways of focusing (Marcey Shapiro)

I practice and teach a number of holistic therapies, if you would like to have a 'treatment' or are interested in learning one of  the therapies, please do contact me, I am happy to teach a small group at any centre or church or in your own home if you have the room. Dates for courses are  on my diary/events page.


I am pleased to be recognised as an approved training provider with the  International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM)  all courses marked with * are fully accredited and any student who gains a diploma or certificate with me for these courses can apply to be a member and use the letter IPHM after their name. 


All courses include ongoing help, a manual, etc. I work in a no-nonsese way but always have fun with plenty of hands on practice during all the courses. If you fail your exam for any reason you will be allowed 1 free re-sit. Subject to space on course, or privately if that is more suitable  for you and me!



Indian Head Massage*


The art of IHM originated from Ayurveda, the ancient Indian  sytem of medicine. 'Champi' is incorporated into the barbers treatment and is widely available on street corners, etc in India. There are of course many different techniques, this also applies in the western world, but in general it is a massage of the scalp, neck, shoulders upper arms and face. It is de-stressing and  invigorates the scalp and hair, it helps increase blood circulation to the head, neck and shoulders, which can help stimulate hair growth and improve the skin. It relieves stiffness and helps increase lymphatic flow to get rid of toxins, etc. It can be done with our without oils the client keeps their clothes on, so can be carried out virtually any where.


A treatment normally lasts for 45+ mins   £20.00.    

See diary page for details of any courses. The course is accredited and you will be able to gain insurance


Thermal Auricular Therapy (ear candling)*


A very relaxing teatment that is ancient in origin. The aim of the course is to provide a comprehensive grounding in the theory and practice of TAT (ear candling) in order that the candidate will be able to practise this form of treatment professionally. The course consists of a full week- end professional training, you will be expected to learn the theory from a manual which will sent to you before the course with review questions; on the week end training there will be ongoing verbal questions, a written test and an assessment on a client. Plus practice on other students. You will be offered on going help via internet or phone before, during and after the course for a period of 6 months. 

This is a fully accredited and insurable course.

If for any reason you fail the test or assessment you will be given 1 free re-sit if for any reason you should fail that you must repay and re-learn to gain your diploma. Everything you will need will be provided for the two days, including ear candles, oils, etc for the facial element of the treatment. 


Beauty Specialist Facials*


A wonderful addition to your holistic therapies, a nice 'add-on' to the ear candling, Reiki or Indian Head.


Learn how to give a full facial, which also includes neck, shoulder and upper arm massage. 


You will be sent a comprhensive manual before the  training days, you must learn the basic anatomy and phisiology to pass the written test and assessment. You will be expected to attend for two full days training, to practise on fellow students and also carry out a treatment on 'client', which will be assessed, plus take a written test  before you can gain your certificatee.

The training will consist of some anatomy, etc, plenty of hands on practice where you will have the opportunity of using a variety of creams and oils, etc on your fellow students, you must come prepared to join in you need fairly short nails to carry out a facial, no heavy rings and no nail polish. Everything you need will be provided on the two days training.

You will need to wear a 'vest like' top or be able to change into one, or be prepared to change and wrap a towel around yourself for this treatment as the neck and chest area down to the bust, shoulders and upper arms are massaged.


Aura and Chakra healing/balancing*


Aura and chakra healing is one of the most profound and fundamental alternative therapies in the field of alternative medicine and holistic health. Energy healing employs spiritual healing methods whcih expand the awaremenss of the energy healer and uses energy, colour, light and crystal healing techniques to catalyse healing in the clients energy field (aura and chakra systems), helping to break free from afflictiions and limitations of body, mind and spirit. It can help to enhance the quality of life for the client.


Various methods are used to test the aura and chakras; but in a 'nutshell', while you are laying comfortably on the couch (or sitting if you prefer this), some nice music is played, the therapist checks for energy levels, blockages, etc, cyrstals are placed on the main chakra points and energy is sent from the therapist, a re-test is done, and then if necessary more crystals, colour and energy is given until the therapist feels they have done all they can in this session.


A session normally lasts 45+ mins    £20.00.      See diary page for next course and prices.



Meditation Teacher/Leader Diploma *


During this intensive course you will learn to write your own meditations, how to choose appropriate music,  learn about chakras, use crystals, sound and essences to enhance your meditations, various meditation methods, how to run your own sessions/classes. This is done 4 full days, plus assessment day, spread over  6 months, with study & writtten 'homework'/sessions inbetween. There will be a manual to read before the course starts.The final assessment will be a writen exam and a full session of meditation being marked. A maximum of 6 people per class to ensure lots of practice and 1-1 attention. I will be available during the sessions/from home to help and you are given ongoing supoport after your exam. This is a fully accredited inssurable course.


Meditation sessions vary in time and price, please contact me if you would like me to run a session for your group.      The next course details are on the diary page. 


REIKI -I teach levels 1-3    Level 1- £90.  £45 deposit secures a place the course includes manual, tuition, light lunch and ongoing support.  Book and pay deposit for levels 1 & 2 (£90) and they can be taken for £170, level two is over two days, with a follow up day 3 months later. Booking levels 1 & 2 together saves you £30.

I am happy to let you take level two with me even if you have done level 1 with someone else, I will just need to see your manual and have a chat to see how and what you have been tuaght. Level 2 is £110, deposit £45.

I am happy to teach this in your centre, home or look out for the next course I am running.




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