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Death is really a change:a migration of the soul from one place to another (Socrates)

We all have that Divine Spark within us, we all have psychic abilities and we all have the potential to develop those abilites, if it is meant to be and we wish for that to happen.  Maybe you are just becoming aware of your 'psychic self', have a 'knowing' when the phone rings who it is, have strong gut feelings about people and situations that arise, or maybe you have already started this journey of unfoldment and want to learn more or improve on your skills.


If you are just starting out on this journey you will know that no one can 'turn' you into medium overnight, and if you have been developing for some time you will know this. It takes commitment, patience and practice, practice, practice!


All any tutor/facilitator can do is share their knowledge, encourage & support you. It is up to you what path you choose to take. What ever you choose always work for the highest of good and with the best of intentions.


I think to be the 'best' we can be, we need to start with the basics and work our way up, learn about our own energy, auras, do some psychic exercises, our psychic abilites are just as important! Learn to meditate and attune to Spirit. Always be open to new ways of working, push yourself out of your comfort zone! Think outside the box!!


There are many things you can do to aid your progress, attend circle, go to workshops, go on courses and read as many books as you can. Sit each day and attune to and sit in the power with Spirit.  Remember, always follow your own truth, what sits well with you,  ask plenty of questions, and enjoy!!


My web site is not long enough for long explanations but in a nutshell:

A psychic is someone who receives/reads information via the aura, our human energy field,  or by using a 'tool' as a psychic link, such as jewellery & photos for psychometry, etc..


A medium is someone who raises their conciousness and allows Spirit to come close and blend with their energy. The medium is a messenger between Spirit and the recipient. Their main aim is to prove the existence of the survival of the soul after what we call (physical) death.


                             From Spirit(deceased).......Through Spirit(medium)....To Spirt(recipient)


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