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Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my website. 
My name is Wendy, I am a spiritual medium. I was aware of the Spirit World at an early age, but did not understand what I was seeing and feeling then. Everything fell into place for me the first time I went into a Spiritualist Church when I was 16. I started to sit for the development of my mediumship about 18 years ago, but had read many books on mediumship, Spiritualism, etc. and attend spiritualist churches for many years before this.


I feel privileged to have been taught by some of the most well respected mediums in the world, mainly at the world renowned Arthur Findlay College Stansted, the SAGB London, plus other centres and churches throughout the UK.


I am passionate about  passing that knowledge onto others during regular circles, workshops and courses, where I teach the unfoldment and practice of mediumship. I also use  my teachings to give 1-1 evidential readings/platform demonstrations at churches and private centres. I teach and demonstrate in the UK and abroad. 

My classes & Workshops are small and friendly, caring and supportive. We always work with the greatest of respect for Spirit but have lots of fun too!
For me working with Spirit is a special & joyous connection to the world unseen & about helping other people find  the peace and comfort I have, in knowing that our loved ones are only a breath away, that there is no death, the love we feel for each other and our spirit, the true essesence of who we are, lives on eternally. However, I also think mediumship should be presented in a rational way, it is not 'spooky' or supernatural...but is, as natural as breathing.


My other 'passion' is meditation, I am a qualified teacher of meditation and often run diploma courses for others to become teachers, I occasionally run classes, etc. Please see diary for dates, etc.


I do hope you will book a  workshop, course, or reading and that for a short time join me, on this, the most exciting of journeys and together bridge that gap between the two worlds.

Many good blessings. Namaste. Wendy.



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